Hello everyone and welcome to the site…..

Hopefully, you will find it easy to navigate around our site. On the home page we have our weather info. The local news and regional news is provided by Murcia today, a very useful tool for information for the region. Under the local info you will find lots of useful phone numbers for our area and the pharmacy guide which, if you enter the date and area, will tell you the overnight pharmacy in real time……a very useful piece of information and something that will hopefully help people in an emergency. Our business directory gives details of the companies currently advertising with the station. There is the contact page which is there if you need to contact the station for anything too. The listen live button is on every page so you can listen to Costa Calida Radio wherever you are in the world. each page is independent so, if you switch pages on the website, you need to press the listen live button again. If you should have difficulty tuning in through the site, then I can recommend listening through onlineradiobox a good back up for listening to our station.

Other than that, I hope you are enjoying the all new Costa Calida Radio set-up. We are working hard to improve things and I see real progress over the past two months but we have only just started!!!

We have new presenters with varying levels of experience all doing a fantastic job and I have to say the music being played is absolutely awesome. The whole team are pulling in the same direction in order to get ¨the old girl¨ (my pet name for this radio station) back where she belongs.

One thing I do have to ask of you, our listeners and sponsors is to give us your feedback on any aspect of the station and it´s output. We want to make the station as enjoyable as possible for everyone and in order to do this, we are ready to listen to any feedback you can give us. The best way to do this is to email the station on and tell us what you think and how you think we can improve.

That´s it from me and thank you for listening


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