Autumn is here!

Hello friends and listeners!
It has been a long time since my last blog and alot has happened in Costa Calida International Radio land.
We have increased and improved our signal over the last few months and we now go out on FM down to Lorca, up towards Murcia city, incorporating Cartagena, Corvera and everywhere in between.  Very exciting times!
We still bring you all the latest local and regional information and as always the best music..... now just bigger, better and to thousands of more people.
There is lots more to come from the station as we continue to improve.
Check out our business directory on our website and keep listening to the best station on the Med, your local, international music station, Costa Calida Int Radio.  Yours Damien!

Hello friends and listeners!!

It has been a long time since I wrote my blog; and so much has happened in that time…..Where to begin:  Brexit has come and gone, putting many important new rules in place that have affected most people and prompted the scramble for people to start the process of obtaining residency here in Europe.  Many have done that an hopefully everything will settle down and we can all get on with our lives, The Covid 19 virus has gripped the entire world and despite various lockdown measures, we are still at the mercy of this terrible virus.  Apart from the obvious devastation and panic this has caused, the effect on businesses has been catastrophic.  As a business, we know as well as anyone the effect of the lockdowns and, hopefully we have come through it……just. It has been hard on every business locally and globally but I want to say right now to the ones who have managed to get through this; Well done and congratulations for hanging in there and I hope sincerely that things will be better going forward for all of us. Costa Calida Int Radio has carried on improving since my last Blog, but I admit at a slower pace than planned.  Economically, it has not been viable to invest in the areas that we had planned but when things are back to normal, it will be full steam ahead for the station and we will complete the task of getting the station where it deserves to be.  We are going places! A quick mention to our team of presenters – and in no particular order; Eddie B, Sean, Carolynn, Ruma, Hartley and Jackie, James and Martyn Ross…they are all fantastic people and great radio presenters and are all vital to the continued success of our little local station. I would also like to thank  the presenters from afar that send us great shows with fantastic music and content; Dave Mac (Retro chart show), Paul Baker, Matt Barker (Deuce), Jared Ingersol (Wandering Minstrels), Peter Fairhead and Tony Pankhurst all doing a great job for the station. You will hopefully have seen the improvements to our website with the new business directory and a marketplace so you can buy or sell anything from a house to an ornament.  Added to the features already here such as the local news, weather, pharmacy guide and the listen live facility it really is a website worth visiting. So we move forward, bringing you great music and all the news and information we possibly can, all day every day.  We sincerely hope that you like what we do and that we are playing the right music. It is hard to get it perfect every time but we will give it a really good try!  Costa Calida Int Radio; your local, international music station, keep on keeping on……..and they can´t stop us laughing J   P.s; My Blogs will be more regular from here on in. D


Hi, I know it´s been a long time since my last post on here and an awful lot has happened, Just a short one for now....... I would like to wish our own Eddie B a speedy recovery, He has been though an awful lot and just to say to Ed........we are all rooting for you my friend.

Like I say, a lot has happened since I last wrote, and we will catch up with events over the coming weeks. I am glad to be back, and I´ll be back with my next blog very soon. Until then, keep listening to and enjoying your local radio station. Costa Calida Radio

Adios Amigos

Full steam ahead!

Hey there listeners! Your friendly neighbourhood captain speaking, proud skipper of 'the old girl'....We are in hectic times at the moment, with lots of exciting things coming up for us. ....Can I start by saying what a great day was had at the Camposol Fiesta fun day at the Golf Club on Camposol. A huge round of applause for the organisers. We played golf (me quite badly!!) on a beautifully maintained course, the day was a huge success and costa calida radio are proud to be a part of it. I am really looking forward now to the Fiesta event in August, it will be epic and again we are really proud to be part of it.  We are in the throes at the moment, of organising an open day at the studio, to give our listeners an opportunity to meet our team and enjoy a beverage or two here at Costa Calida Radio and hopefully you can pop in and see this space!! As a station, we have been a big part of the local community for many years.  We will always strive to keep this up and a big part of that is our promotion of charity events.  We are always happy to help charities and so keep the info coming in......and we'll get it out there.  We also have a great relationship with our Spanish neighbours and I am proud of the fact that we have a large Spanish listener base...some of whom admit to listening in order to improve their English: Although I'm not sure listening to Bobby and I would help with that!! I would just like to say a big thank you to all my team at the old girl.  I truly appreciate the work that you all put in and the commitment you all show, making the station the best on the med. There are more changes on the horizon for the station and we will carry on improving as a station. Finally, thanks for your continued support, thanks for the great feedback and of course, thanks for listening. Ahoy!!! Damien

The Old Girl

Hi Everyone, Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, what can I say?  Busy lifestyles and all that!! Well, the 'Old Girl' is going from strength to strength and we are becoming  peoples Local, International Music Station. Thanks again for the feedback because it really does help and makes it all worth while. Since my last blog we have the girls doing their own shows....Ruma  is doing the Monday afternoon  slot (1 til 4) and Michelle has the Friday afternoon slot (1 til 4)...Both great shows, with interesting topics and guests and the girls are really finding their feet now as presenters. A big up to the girls!! Talking of girls, I am pleased to say that Sharna is on board and doing the weekend morning shows. Sharna has previous on the radio with years of experience at another English radio station in Spain (you can tell!!). Sharna brings professionalism and poise: her shows are a must listen and are guaranteed to brighten up your weekend. Not only is Sharna a very talented radio presenter, she is also a brilliant mobile DJ, Karaoke host, singer and entertainer. She is available for bookings around the area and her details are on this site should you be interested in her mobile services. Karen is another of our female presenters showing us men how it's done. Karen does her chart overload every Friday Drive time (4 til 7) and she keeps us all up to date with the latest music. Great show. Ian has his soul shows on Saturday (3 til 6) and Sunday (1 til 4) afternoons and they are going down really well with feedback pouring in and he is now setting up some mobile Northern Soul shows around the area. Keep the faith!! James is still keeping people rocking with his Calida Rocks!!! On Friday evenings (7 til 10) and Drive time (Mon to Thursday 4 til 7) very popular music show that one. Eddie B is doing his stuff Tuesday, Weds, Thursday (1 til 4) and Bobby and I are bringing up the rear with our Mad Mornings (9 til 1 weekdays). All together a great line up I'm sure you will agree! I am pleased to announce that we have been invited this year to go live from the Camposol Fiesta...Something we are very proud to be involved in and it will be great to do a live event there...lots of planning to do for that one!!!! Also, we have our first outing in June! James and I are organising a trip to see the legendary Simple Minds in Granada on 28th June and tickets are going fast!!!! We have actually booked tickets, hotel and transport for the people who have paid deposits and the trip is going ahead. The price is 160 euros per person, for this, we pick you up on a coach, take you to the hotel  and provide you with a ticket for the gig in the fantastic venue of the bull ring in Granada. It is going to be a cracker!! We will be running similar music events in the future so watch and listen for what's going on on Costa Calida Radio...Your local international music station. That's pretty much it from me. Thanks to all my team. Thanks to you, the public for all of the feedback, keep it coming in and keep visiting our facebook page and this site :( for further updates and events.   Thanks for listening to the Old Girl peeps and keep smiling!!!!  

Ch Ch Ch Changes…….

Hi again to the CCIR gang.  It has been another hectic period of change here at Costa Calida Radio. We said goodbye to Keith and said hello to several new faces on our station.  Keith decided due to several factors including distance, time and other commitments, that he could no longer carry on as our anchor man.  We wish Keith well and wish him good look in the future..... Keith's departure  meant that we needed a new anchor man and I, (somewhat unwillingly) stood into the breach for THE MORNING SHOW (mon to fri 9am til 1 pm).  Now the morning show is a very difficult job with lots of work, especially the world famous CCIR morning quiz and what's on where.  My good friend and wing man Bob said he'd help out and do the emails for the quiz, (bearing in mind that Bobby at this point was pretty much computer illiterate!!!) Bobby came in and as soon as he opened his mouth on air I knew that we had something special, and the morning show with Damien and sideshow Bob was born!  I have no idea why but it works .....mostly because of Bob's humour and my straight man routine.  Thanks for all the feedback on the show and it looks like we are here to stay. Around this time, Ian expressed an interest in doing a soul show.  Ian started the SATURDAY SPORT AND SOUL  (3 TIL 6) show a month ago and has come on leaps and bounds.  He now has taken over the SUNDAY SOUL show (1 til 4) and he plays some wonderful music with some laid back chat.  We are very happy to have Ian aboard. James has now taken over our DRIVE TIME slots Monday to Thursday (4 til 7) with a unique blend of music in his own inimitable style and this show is proving most popular with the music lovers out there.  Also James' Friday CALIDA ROCKS (7 til 10) show needs no bubblegum no pop just rock!!!  Another great show on Costa Calida Radio and not to be missed. Karen was a presenter on Costa Calida Radio for the previous owners and she does a fabulous CHART OVERLOAD show on Friday drive time (4 til 7) bringing us new music. The girls have now decided to go their own way and the Monday show is now I HEARD A RUMOUR (1 til 4) with Ruma Jordan, with fun topics, gossip and live interviews, it is very interesting and entertaining. Michelle has taken over the FRIDAY AFTERNOON SHOW (1 til 4) and again, with interesting topics and interviews it makes for very interesting and entertaining radio. Our newest presenter is Sharna Knight.  Sharna is our weekend morning presenter who brings a lot of professionalism and poise to the station.  With many years working in radio, Sharna didn't need much training!!!  Straight away it was obvious that Sharna had the voice and personality to be an asset to the station and the positive feedback was flooding after her first show!  Well done, so we have the SATURDAY SHOW WITH SHARNA KNIGHT (10 am til 1) and the SUNDAY SMOOTH SHOW (10 am til 1). Eddie B now does his AFTERNOON SHOW  (1 til 4) on  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. And so, a new line up for our station as we carry on improving and our station goes from strength to strength. As usual thanks for listening, thanks for the feedback and thanks for being there. Costa Calida Radio (the old girl).....your local station. Til next time, cheers!! Damien

Happy New Year

Firstly, I would like to wish all of our listeners a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. This is a time to reflect on the year we have just had and to look forward to the beginning of a new year and hopefully we can face all of the challenges and enjoy the moments the new year will bring.  Most of us will make new years resolutions.....and most of us will probably break them by early January!!!! I want to reflect as well, on the good people who never made it through the year. I, personally, lost a very good friend in 2017 and lost a couple of other people from my life, so my thoughts go out to those of us who have lost loved ones. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Our team here at the old girl have a year to look forward to. We have the makings of a great team here and we are working together in a bid to get it right. As you know, we have made changes to the radio station in the past 3 months and hopefully improved our output. We really appreciate all the positive feed back we have had since we took over the station in September and we look forward to making more changes throughout the year in order to make Costa Calida International Radio the best local radio station on the Med. So, a BIG year coming up for yours truly and all of us at the old girl and I predict a very enjoyable ride for the station, while getting bigger and better. None of this of course, can be achieved without our sponsors, and our listeners, who we are very very proud and appreciative to have. A big thank you to our great team, Eddie B, Foxy, Michelle, Ruma, James and Jason for doing what you have done so are all stars and we look forward to working with you all in the new year. Thanks for listening and taking part to all of the listeners from the bottom of my heart and thanks to our sponsors for choosing us to promote your business. Here's to 2018!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas

Hi to all, as I am just ready to embark on eating a wonderful Christmas meal, I am contemplating the  year we have just had. The final 3 months of the year for me have been probably the most hectic in my life because in that time frame, I have been in charge at the old girl,  Costa Calida Radio. There have been lots of ups and downs in that 3 month period and you can definitely say it has been a roller coaster ride. We are getting there though, and we have made some changes to the format which, I sincerely hope are the correct ones and that you, the listener are enjoying the changes made by our team. Since my last blog we have gained the skills of James, who does a fantastic Rock show on Friday evenings and a special mention needs to go out to Jason Jessop, our weekend DJ on Costa Calida Radio. As I type this, Jason is playing some fantastic music for Christmas day and I doff my cap to him for taking the time and putting on such a wonderful Christmas day show. A new year is about to begin and I am very excited at the changes we still need to make in order to get 'the old girl' where she belongs to be. We will achieve this by working as a team and, of course listening to our listeners in order to achieve our goals in making Costa Calida Radio the best radio station on the med. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our listeners for your time and patience and our advertisers and sponsors for choosing us to help build your business.  I would like to wish everyone a Merry christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of our team. Have a good one wherever you are!!!!!

Our Team

Good morning listeners, I am sorry it´s been a while since the last blog, it has been an extremely busy period in the life of the old girl (Costa Calida Radio). I  just thought I´d carry on my musings by talking about our fantastic team here at the station. I am proud to say that we are creating a great team here at CCIR and I think you can tell by the great feedback we are getting on a daily basis.  Thank you.  We have Keith or ´Foxy´in the mornings and a wonderful job he is doing with the golden hour and quiz (not an easy job) and he is doing it in a professional manner. Eddie B (Tuesday to Friday afternoons) is the Stalwart of the station and gives us bags of personality with his afternoon show.  Great music and great banter gives the show a nice, relaxed feel and is great afternoon entertainment. Ruma and Michelle or ´the golden girls´(they´ll kill me for that one......don´t tell them!) on Monday afternoon bring a woman´s touch (and a little madness to proceedings.  The girls play great music, have guest interviews and interesting topics of discussion.  A truly entertaining radio show every Monday afternoon. Jason the mason is our weekend presenter and is with you on Saturday and Sunday mornings, bringing you music from his time machine (not sure if he actually has a time machine) and there is a definite laid back feel to the show. I am with you currently on the drive time show (Monday to Friday) playing up-beat and sometimes off the wall tracks.  The drive time show also includes the áll-time top 3 as chosen by you the listener and it is my pleasure playing your favourite songs. I am also with you for 3 hours on Sunday afternoons playing 3 hours of hopefully great music all on a particular theme.  I also include a featured album and the birthday file in this show. If you want to sponsor one of our fantastic shows please contact the station and we will let you know how little it costs. Other than our live shows, we bring you some podcast shows sent into us from DJ´s all over the world......listen out for the Retro chart show (Monday and Thursday afternoon), Nothing but the 90´s (Tuesday and Friday Afternoon), Entertainment power (Wednesday afternoon), Country hours Saturday at 1, Christian Music show (Sunday afternoon) Relaxing Radio (Sunday afternoon) and the Wandering Minstrel folk music show. Hopefully, we are bringing you something for everyone here on Costa Calida Radio, that´s our aim.  The changes are still happening though and big changes are on the horizon in the near future and we will get bigger and better as we carry on into the future. That´s it from me for now, sorry for the long one but it´s been a while. Thanks for listening  and interacting with our great Radio Station, please carry on with the feedback it is all very welcome. Thanks again, Damien

Hello everyone and welcome to the site…..

Hopefully, you will find it easy to navigate around our site. On the home page we have our weather info. The local news and regional news is provided by Murcia today, a very useful tool for information for the region. Under the local info you will find lots of useful phone numbers for our area and the pharmacy guide which, if you enter the date and area, will tell you the overnight pharmacy in real time......a very useful piece of information and something that will hopefully help people in an emergency. Our business directory gives details of the companies currently advertising with the station. There is the contact page which is there if you need to contact the station for anything too. The listen live button is on every page so you can listen to Costa Calida Radio wherever you are in the world. each page is independent so, if you switch pages on the website, you need to press the listen live button again. If you should have difficulty tuning in through the site, then I can recommend listening through onlineradiobox a good back up for listening to our station. Other than that, I hope you are enjoying the all new Costa Calida Radio set-up. We are working hard to improve things and I see real progress over the past two months but we have only just started!!! We have new presenters with varying levels of experience all doing a fantastic job and I have to say the music being played is absolutely awesome. The whole team are pulling in the same direction in order to get ¨the old girl¨ (my pet name for this radio station) back where she belongs. One thing I do have to ask of you, our listeners and sponsors is to give us your feedback on any aspect of the station and it´s output. We want to make the station as enjoyable as possible for everyone and in order to do this, we are ready to listen to any feedback you can give us. The best way to do this is to email the station on [email protected] and tell us what you think and how you think we can improve. That´s it from me and thank you for listening Damien

CCRadio launches its NEW Web Page

13th October 2017 - The Costa Calida Radio team launched their new Web page.  Check it out for the latest news, weather and local  what’s on information.  Plus see our local info page for your pharmacy guide and useful numbers.  Don’t forget you can find that all important business number in our directory.

Local Information

Emergency Number 112 FAST (Camposol only) ACTIVE FROM 13TH JUNE 2016 - 968 970 626 - Call FAST after you have called 112 for an ambulance.  FAST will get there within 7 -8 mins, often 10 - 20 minutes sooner than the ambulance. Fire Brigade (Mazarron) 968 590 200 Guardia Civil (Mazarron) 968 590 005 Guardia Civil (Pto Mazarron) 968 594 103 Local Police (Mazarron) 968 591 496 Local Police (Puerto de Mazarron) 968418181 Coastguard Sea Rescue 900 202 202 Cartagena: 968 529 594 Cartagena Port Control Room 968325801 Samaritans Spain 902883535.  This is NOT a Premium Rate Number Medical Centre Mazarron 968 590 411 Medical Centre Pto Mazarron 968 595 342 / 968 154 202 Medical Centre Camposol 968 131 695 / 968 228 250 Camposol Medical Centre Online Booking Link Red Cross 968 590 140 Farmacia Camposol 868 102 623 (more…)

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