with Costa Calida Radio

If you are going to advertise your business and you should, then it makes sense to spend your advertising money where you get the most results and that is with…Radio!!


  • Radio sells with immediacy.

Research proves that radio regularly reaches consumers within two hours of   their largest purchase of the day.
  • Radio sells everywhere.

Radio is the only true mobile medium.  In the car, at work and at play, radio   is there.  Radio is a force that your customers take with them where ever they go.
  • Radio sells intimacy.

When you have something to communicate, what works…. showing a picture,   writing or to talk.  The emotion of a human voice connects.
  • Radio stars in the theatre of the mind.

What do you want in your advert, a laughing child, animal noises, or a   symphony orchestra.  It stimulates emotions.

  • Radio escapes advertising clutter.

Paper or magazine advertising is more often that not 2/3 advert copy and 1/3   editorial copy.  It gets lost.  Radio is the uncluttered medium.
  • Radio is the cost effective medium.

Radio advertising costs grew less than any other major form of advertising.
  • Reach is nice, but frequency sells.

Psychologists tell us that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising   message at least three times before it begins to penetrate.  Radio is the reach   and frequency medium you can afford.
  • Radio´s targeted advertising sells.

Radio´s variety of formats allows you to pinpoint your advertising on the station   that best matches your customer interest.
  • Your always on the front page with radio.

With radio advertising you are front and centre in the listeners attention span when   your ad is on air.  You are never buried in a magazine or surrounded by your   competitors ads.
  • Radio is an active medium in an active society

Radio is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and   selling your product or service.  Todays´ hotly competitive marketplace demands   an active medium and that is Radio!

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship and advertising through Costa Calida Radio

Please call +(34) 968 59 58 62 or send an email through our secure contact panel provided.

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