Hi to all our community loving music listeners!

Well this past week has been a little crazy both here at the station and in our home life.  With the excitement of Christmas gradually building, we are starting to take look at our December playlist, and especially those hits we love so much that they come back year after year!  I am sure you have guessed which ones already! Slade, Band Aid, oh and the queen Mariah!   And you will be happy to know that we will not be removing Fairytale of New York – its a keeper at this station, regardless of what the woke are asking for.  Sorry, not sorry it is a keeper, and has to played.

On a personal note, my boys, not too young now, scoured the internet for the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  But are they really getting a deal?  What are your thoughts when it comes to this commercial madness?  Do you go crazy and shop shop shop, or do you keep your cool? Am I missing out?  Let me know your best bargains, share via whatsapp to the station.

I try to keep my head and not fall for Christmas crazy – but it is true, I nearly lost it this weekend when I witnessed a lady spend over 800 euros at a checkout, your wondering what did she buy?  No alcohol, no meats, just what I would describe as Christmas goodies.  We got chatting, all the people in the line, wondering is it for a party, what will the final price be, it turned out food just for two haha.  Well for sure the plates will be full in that household, for a very long time.

I’m not a scrooge but I confess I wouldn’t be happy if the wifey was spending that much on, lets have it right, treats that are overpriced.

Lots going on over the next weeks, drinks and meals with friends, actually enjoy the build up, stirs up memories sometimes forgotten from childhood, catch up with friends.  Exciting couple of weeks ahead!

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