Well what can I say! Where did January go? A month for most of us that is a little bit of a nightmare. The long wait for the next pay day, the dark mornings, the dark nights, along with the added pressure we place on ourselves to change something, be better at something, we can go a little crazy when we are setting new intentions for the year. But I can honestly say this past January – seemed to just whizz past, in the blink of an eye and now we are in a month with an extra day!

So I am curious…..do we have any listeners out there that were born on this special extra day we receive every 4 years, the 29th February. A date that I found as a child to be quite mysterious. It holds a special nostalgic quality for me.

A month that is shorter than the rest but is the chosen month that we place an emphasis onto love. With San Valentine´s, the chance for a bold gesture of marriage from a woman to a man – well nowadays the woke will have any pronoun associated to this. Anyway, for me, the 29th of February has always been a day of something out of the ordinary to do. It holds an excitement. I can only presume I feel this way because of the fun that came with it as a child. A day that you can be and do anything that you want. A day to break away from the norm.

Birthdays that get celebrated, the chance for a woman to propose. We would love to hear any stories that you connect with this date, so please drop us a message and share your story with us!

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