It is proving so far to be a March, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade! Indoors, slippers are on and we potter about at our own pace. With the dawn of spring approaching it is noticeably lighter and brighter!

We are certainly noticing it with the colours of the mountains changing, the fields filling with cherry and almond blossom in bloom, beach bars being installed as I type. We certainly start to see the shift of life waking up!

And it would appear the bars and restaurants within the region are getting prepared also, with the Ruta de la Tapa in full swing – this is something we always love to participate in. For 3.50 euros a delicious tapa and a beer, an absolute delightful way to enjoy an afternoon.

Then we have the San Jose Fiestas to enjoy, with the large marquee erected at the end of the Paseo in Puerto de Mazarron, along with many more surely in place in other locations – it is vibrant, family fun. A time to enjoy food, drinks, time with family and friends.

March for me signifies not just Spring, but also, what is sort of our second start to the year – The Visitors Arrival!! It just kick starts the months ahead of family and old friends coming to enjoy our little bubble of Spain.

Looking at the months ahead and bar and restaurant announcements, we are certainly going to have some fun with music and dance, certainly lots of good food, with a few drinks along the way!

These first few months to the start of the year have been a very busy time for us here at the station, we are constantly creating great playlists for you our listeners, sometimes it can feel lonely for us presenters in our little sound proof room, talking aloud to walls – but then your messages ping through on whatsapp, email or you may even here the phones ringing in the background when we are live haha – and it is that interaction which is priceless for us.

I can confidently say on behalf of all our presenters – it is brilliant!! The chat, words of thank you from those that live alone, or have lost a loved one. The company of our presenter voices, the music – filling a house, it just goes someway in helping. So when you reach out to us to tell us – it truly means the world and it makes our job that more special!

So when you are out and about, you could be wearing one or our hoodies, sweatshirts or t-shirts, so please visit our merchandise store page, and give a mention to the restaurants and bars, and all the other businesses within the area, to check us out. You receive and enjoy our service for free – let the businesses know how great we are, for them to use our advertising service – it could be one of those businesses that allow us to do what we do.

So on that note, we say a massive thank you to the businesses that do work with us, and trust us to deliver their business brand and messages.

Now remember, you can listen here on the site. 90fm and 100fm but also our FREE APP. So download CCIR Live to your mobile phone. Even if it is not your first choice on how to listen to our station – it is your back up and you can share it via whatsapp then to all your contacts.

Help us grow and flourish just like the cherry blossom trees!

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